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Hope Children’s Foundation; currently educates children from Nursery to Primary, with a short term goal of completing additional classrooms building and acquiring more teachers for Nursery and Primary level at Exodus Junior School located at Kiteredde Bombo and K-frema school located at Namusera Wakiso District, with the purpose of boosting formal and high quality education for children.

                                                                                                          Core Values

Below is  a list of Hope Children's Foundation core values that all members of the organizations use, live by and demonstrate on a daily basis while executing their responsibilities.

  • Upholding the fundamental rights and freedom of children
  • Integrity :  We have a sense of integrity in which we ensure consistency in our actions , values , methods , measures, principles , expectations and their outcome.
  • Accountability : We ensure the responsibility of our actions.
  • Equity : We ensure fairness in all works we do especially concerning the children we care to.
  • Impartiality : Our approach to children logistics is of a universal nature.
  • Honesty : We ensure truthfulness in all that we take on or intend to do. Our implementation strategy is based on trustworthiness.

​                                                                                          ​​​BACKGROUND
Poverty can have a devastating effect on a parent’s  ability to manage and provide appropriate care for their children.  Failure to support children and youth during the most vulnerable time of  their life directly impacts their quality of life both directly and  indirectly.   Hope Children’s foundation serves close to 200 children  and youth and a great number of its cases involve families living in  poverty.
The increasing number of deaths in Sub Saharan Africa due to    war situations, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, has given birth to an increasing  number of orphans and the rise of child headed homesteads. According to  UNICEF, their website… www.unicef.org indicates that the number of orphans is estimated to be over 132  million and other sources suggests closer to 143-163 million worldwide.  Subsequently a number of these orphans have been left with no one to  look up to. An analysis of all the above, gave birth to Hope Children’s  Foundation in 1999.  
Our Children’s Orphanage package comprises a  Home, Kindergarten and a Primary school. In line with the Government's  policies, Hope Children’s Foundation believes in placing children in a  family environment rather than orphanage centers. We are committed to  share knowledge and expertise with the people in the family and  community. We have developed links with national and international  organizations and international volunteers

About us


  1. To provide quality pre-primary, primary, post primary and tertiary Education facilities to vulnerable children.
  2. Lobby and advocate for the holistic welfare and development of vulnerable children through policy and legislative reform.
  3. Mentor and groom vulnerable children during their interaction with the foundation as bursary students
  4. .Create and maintain effective networks ,students and Teacher exchange programs with local, regional and international entities which share similar core values and objectives and are committed to the cause of providing or aiding the provision of vital educational and incidental services to vulnerable children.
  5. To set up model vulnerable children’s homes, school which will act as models within Uganda , east African region and Internationally.
  6. Partnering with other regional or international similar entities provide technical backstopping support to other vulnerable children’s schools in areas of mentoring, grooming, planning counseling, Educating Vulnerable children and their empowerment.
  7. Engaging in research into all challenges or problems relating to the administration and operation of vulnerable children’s schools and placements or to collect prepare and distribute information and statistics relating to the operation and administration of vulnerable children’s schools and placements /homes, and to promote or propose such methods, procedures and measures as may be considered desirable or benefitual for all or any of the company’s objectives.
  8. Adopt such means of making the organization and its publicity by sharing its profile with volunteers, donors, funding organizations, and similar schools through the press, circulars, by exhibition of works of art or interest, by publication of books, periodicals and catalogues and by granting prizes, rewards and donations.
  9. Amalgamate or enter into partnership or any arrangement for networking, union of interest, co-operation, and reciprocal concession or otherwise with any person or company carrying on or engaged in or about to carry on activities which will result into benefiting the vulnerable children and contribute to organisational growth.


Current Needs


News and Updates

“Looking for Experteers supporting our cause”

We are looking for a professional with children care skills to come “Experteering” with us in Uganda. 

This is a unique opportunity to the Orphans and needy children while experiencing the local culture of Uganda.

Check out our opportunity on our facebook page linked below and subscribe and recieve updates about the Foundation.


If anyone has a little to spare, please think about donating as a little goes a long way in Uganda. As you know i spent six months with this organization and these children remain in my heart"

Netty (England)Volunteer/Sponsor

In 2013, for a month and a half, I volunteered with the foundation. At the Kigoma school and hosted by the Kalema family. I did all sorts of school and leisure activities with children, teachers ... and became part of a large family and the culture and life of Uganda. My heart and my mind is not the same since then, so I recommend to all people who want to volunteer, and grow inside as a person, do not hesitate to contact them and live their experience, I hope to return someday."

Vanessa (Spain)Volunteer

Testimony is to be uploaded very soon"

Ramona (Germany)Volunteer/Sponsor

Testimony is to be uploaded very soon"

Owen (England)Volunteer/Sponsor

Testimony is to be uploaded very soon"

Anna Kamp (Denmark)Volunteer

My wife and I had a wonderful time during the summer of 2016! It was just a short stay of one week, but we were blessed with opportunities to meet great kids and wonderful teaching staff. Mr. and Mrs. Kayemba had such a strong, admirable personality. Extremely dedicated and resolute in what they do, that is to help kids with difficult backgrounds. Homestay at their place was a great learning occasion for us too. Even though adapting to new environment for us was not necessarily easy , they were very helpful and it was gratifying for us. We had many fun, memorable moments with their kids as well as the kids in the neighborhood. We hope that their project of reconstructing their schooling site goes well, and wish all the best for everyone we met there!"

Emi and Naoya Mitake (Japan)Volunteer/Sponsor

In 2013 I had the greatest experience Via Hope Childrend’s Foundation, I had 2 months in Uganda. It’s pretty simple to describe the outcome, the foundation gave me the biggest experience ever. Bigger than I’ve ever thought. Looking back, I also would like to emphasize, that they were very helpful with every questions I might have – so my advice to young people considering such a trip, don’t be nervous, just do it! You will not regret it. The other volunteers and I arrived at the school in the mornings. Absolutely one of my favorite times of the day! When arriving at the school, every child ran to meet us and for hugs. When school lesson starts, we taught our classes in basic math, English, science etc. Sometimes we also just told a story, drawing, showing pictures from our own country or played different kinds of sport outside. I got friends from my first day at the school. I was, I still am, very surprised how the children searched for my attention and friendship. This made the place even harder to leave when time was up. I can only recommend such an experience."

Janne Dahlmann (Germany)Volunteer

Work Camp

Our Team

Kayemba Kalema


Nansumba Prossy


Dan K Nsibambi

Operations Manager

Nalule Reacheal

Program Cordinator

Biography of some of the needy children at the Foundation


How to sponsor a boy child

You can choose from the sponsorship options listed below, you become a member of our family of sponsors and we will send you regular school reports, photos and letters from the child whom you sponsor. Sponsorship commitments are made on Termly or annually and at the end of your sponsorship year you will be given the opportunity to continue to support your child as he or she continues to progresses.

It ensures that a child receives an education, clothing, nutritious food, health care, vocational training, life skills and most importantly, a place to call home. 

100USD termly and 300USD

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How to sponsor a girl child

You can choose from the sponsorship options listed below, you become a member of our family of sponsors and we will send you regular school reports, photos and letters from the child whom you sponsor. Sponsorship commitments are made on Termly or annually and at the end of your sponsorship year you will be given the opportunity to continue to support your child as he or she continues to progresses.

It ensures that a child receives an education, clothing, nutritious food, health care, vocational training, life skills and most importantly, a place to call home. 

110 USD termly and 330 USD per year

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Grant writting Support

Hope Children’s Foundation would like to take advantage of the many foundations and organizations that may be interested in funding the expansion of our ministry to orphans. To do this, we must gather information on the grant possibilities available and the requirements of each.


Attention doctors and nurses! The Ugandan orphans need your help. Hope Children’s Foundation is looking for qualified professionals to travel to Uganda and/or help put together a Medical Plan that will be implemented in Uganda.

Home counsellor

Home counsellor

At Hope Children’s Foundation, we want donors to feel more connected and informed about the ministry they support. Would you help us coordinate communication between the donors and the homes in Uganda?

Administration support

Can you help us in the office? Time is scarce. We need help putting together mailings, making photocopies, duplicating literature, and completing several office tasks.



Are you a writer? Hope Children’s Foundation could use the help of a wordsmith to put together our newsletters, write program descriptions, develop program literature, and compose email updates.

Fundraising coordinator

Seeking support to care for hundreds of new orphans in Uganda, we need to spread the word about the work there. You could help us develop events that connect people to the needs of Hope Children's Foundation and opportunities to meet them.



Spread the word if you are excited about what Hope Children’s Foundation is doing? Be an Ambassador for the orphans, representing the ministry of Hope Children’s Foundation in your church, to your company, or to your friends and family. Help find support for orphans around the world!

Volunteer Application Form

HEALTH SIGNED DECLARATION / WAIVER It is my responsibility to check that I have all necessary vaccinations required. Hope Children's Foundation cannot be held responsible if I do not get the appropriate vaccination or if I do not mention any pre-existing medical conditions that affect the placement in any way

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Fundraising Quotes

  • To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect.
You just have to care.
  • I alone can’t change the world, but we can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. And that can be done through the offering u can forward to the ones in need be it Voluntary work, money donated, items donated and so much more.
  • Those little things can add up to make a big difference.
  • Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
  • Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.
  • How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.
  • It's not just about being able to write a check. It's being able to touch somebody's life.
  • If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one and that person will feel to be the most privileged for life
  • Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
  • Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.
  • The power of giving is greater than the joy of receiving.

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  • Kawempe-Tula Road, Kampala, Uganda