30 May

Kigoma Academy school had 5 teachers who were paid by both Mr.Kayemba Kalema and the other 2 co-directors. In the year 2007 the two directors being that were volunteering to help Ugandan children, they agreed to withdraw and leave the Academy in the hands of Mr. Kayemba and Hope Children Foundation’s because of the bigger vision he had for vulnerable children.

In 2011 Hope Children’s Foundation was formally registered with the Government of Uganda as a Non-profit organization. Children where gathered from different areas to one project. Being that the academy was on the church land and the former 2 directors of the Academy had withdrawn, partnership with the church was made, after signing the partnership, the project came to be named Kigoma  Church school, being on the Church land.

Kigoma church school grew up very quickly, and the number of the marginalized children had grown to 160 by the year 2015. By this time we were not in position of accommodating them. Because 60 pupils were boarding section and 100 were day scholars. we were able to offer them food, education and roof over their head.

In the due course, we received a letter from the church, which was stopping all our activities, which were being operated on the church land and commanded to close up our orphanage school.

Good enough we had saved some little money to purchase our own (foundation land) God was with us, our mission was blessed and we bought 1.5 Acres of land at Bombo Kiteredde 34 km from the city center along Kampala - Gulu road and start again from the beginning and build up new structures on our own land by the beginning of 2016.

After vacating Kigoma village we dropped out the name Kigoma Church school, On February / 21 / 2016 and adopted a new name of EXODUS JUNIOR SCHOOL which is there for orphans, vulnerable children, underprivileged and poor children from poor families.

The main challenge we saw, we couldn't move with all our children due to lack of structures for accommodation, and now so far we have only 50 children arranging from 3 years to 12 years who stay near the place at their guardian’s home. We are working around the clock to set permanent structures at our new location.

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