If anyone has a little to spare, please think about donating as a little goes a long way in Uganda. As you know i spent six months with this organization and these children remain in my heart"

Netty (England) Volunteer/Sponsor

In 2013, for a month and a half, I volunteered with the foundation. At the Kigoma school and hosted by the Kalema family. I did all sorts of school and leisure activities with children, teachers ... and became part of a large family and the culture and life of Uganda. My heart and my mind is not the same since then, so I recommend to all people who want to volunteer, and grow inside as a person, do not hesitate to contact them and live their experience, I hope to return someday."

Vanessa (Spain) Volunteer

Testimony is to be uploaded very soon"

Ramona (Germany) Volunteer/Sponsor

Testimony is to be uploaded very soon"

Owen (England) Volunteer/Sponsor

Testimony is to be uploaded very soon"

Anna Kamp (Denmark) Volunteer

My wife and I had a wonderful time during the summer of 2016! It was just a short stay of one week, but we were blessed with opportunities to meet great kids and wonderful teaching staff. Mr. and Mrs. Kayemba had such a strong, admirable personality. Extremely dedicated and resolute in what they do, that is to help kids with difficult backgrounds. Homestay at their place was a great learning occasion for us too. Even though adapting to new environment for us was not necessarily easy , they were very helpful and it was gratifying for us. We had many fun, memorable moments with their kids as well as the kids in the neighborhood. We hope that their project of reconstructing their schooling site goes well, and wish all the best for everyone we met there!"

Emi and Naoya Mitake (Japan) Volunteer/Sponsor

In 2013 I had the greatest experience Via Hope Childrend’s Foundation, I had 2 months in Uganda. It’s pretty simple to describe the outcome, the foundation gave me the biggest experience ever. Bigger than I’ve ever thought. Looking back, I also would like to emphasize, that they were very helpful with every questions I might have – so my advice to young people considering such a trip, don’t be nervous, just do it! You will not regret it. The other volunteers and I arrived at the school in the mornings. Absolutely one of my favorite times of the day! When arriving at the school, every child ran to meet us and for hugs. When school lesson starts, we taught our classes in basic math, English, science etc. Sometimes we also just told a story, drawing, showing pictures from our own country or played different kinds of sport outside. I got friends from my first day at the school. I was, I still am, very surprised how the children searched for my attention and friendship. This made the place even harder to leave when time was up. I can only recommend such an experience."

Janne Dahlmann (Germany) Volunteer